If you have had any experience wearing dentures, you will understand the many challenges that come with them. The most common issue is the denture coming out when eating or trying to speak.

This is where snap on dentures, also known as implant overdentures, can be an advantage. Dental implants are embedded into the jaw which allows the denture to “snap” in place. The implants hold the denture securely until you manually remove it.

Often, a snap on denture can be made with as few as two dental implants.

The implants will also maintain the jawbone, which naturally shrinks over time when there are no teeth for the jaw to hold.

When selecting a provider for dental implants, be sure to choose someone with demonstrated experience. Drs DeStefano and Manzar have extensive experience placing, restoring, and maintaining dental implants. Dental implants are created specifically for each patient’s needs since each case is different. At our office, you can rest assured that your case will be meticulously planned, customized, and executed!

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Watch this video to learn more about snap on dentures